We need Justice for Jackson.

Stop the Hate

The Jackson Township Council in New Jersey is being sued for enacting racist, anti-Semitic laws to keep Orthodox Jews out of our community.

This is shameful. This isn’t us.

This isn’t America!

We don’t need your money. We need your voice.

Add your name now to join the ranks of those demanding justice for Jackson! We will never share your contact information, sell you anything, or ask for donations. We need your voice!

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Surveillance on Jewish home prayer

Ordinance Against Jewish Schools

GOP Chair Tries to Shield Hate


Jackson Township emails show that township elected officials and employees performed surveillance on Orthodox Jews praying in their homes.

Jackson Township counted religious Jews on the street, staked out several blocks when Orthodox Jews would pray in homes to welcome the Sabbath on Friday evenings, looked into home windows, walked onto a residential property to determine if Jews were praying in a backyard pool house, and more.


Legal testimony has shown that Jackson Township officials are taking orders from racist and anti-semitic hate groups condemned by state officials and Christian leaders. 

Jackson Mayor Michael Reina even admitted that he’s intentionally discriminating against the Orthodox Jewish community. When asked if “these were (Christian) churches would the township be fighting them.” Mayor Reina’s response: “Absolutely not.”


Frank Holman, Ocean County GOP Chairman, has attempted to whitewash hate filled, anti-Semitic comments made by his members on social media.

The Jackson GOP Chairwoman’s Facebook page linked to a group that Facebook recently banned as a hate group. Mr. Holman, why is she still part of your group? Why did you recently give the bigoted Mayor Reina a major appointment in your group?

Nov 27, 2017

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Jan 24, 2020

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This is our beloved Jackson, NJ!

We don’t need your money. We need your voice. Together, we can stop the hate and bring justice to Jackson Township.